Qatar Bima International LLC offers good quality Motor Insurance at competitive rates, together with first class Personal Accident cover for the driver and passengers, plus an optional Emergency Road Service package provide by us through third party to give you motoring peace of mind. Motor Insurance cover consists of three elements.

  1. Third Party cover
  2. Comprehensive cover
  3. Personal Accident cover

Third Party insurance is the minimum legal requirement and covers your liability for:

  • Damage caused to property owned by any person other than the owner or driver of the vehicle.
  • The death or bodily injury of any person other than the driver at the time of the accident.

This is the least expensive motor insurance but it means that any damage or loss to your own vehicle is not covered, which may in the long run prove to be costly if you have a fairly new or expensive vehicle.

Comprehensive insurance consists of Third Party cover plus damage to your own vehicle caused, for example, by such events as collision, fire, theft, overturning etc.  The glass, such as a broken windscreen, and legal liability agreed costs/expenses are also covered.  This is more expensive than Third Party insurance and there may be an amount you will have to contribute towards the cost of a claim, but you have the comfort of knowing you will be financially compensated following loss or damage to your vehicle. We can even insure Luxury High Value Cars up to QR 2,000,000.

Personal Accident cover has recently been made compulsory by Qatar legislation for both the driver and passengers and therefore must be included under both Third Party and Comprehensive policies.  The Personal Accident insurance offered by Qatar Bima is superb cover and we believe includes the widest benefits available in Qatar.


Emergency Road Services offered by Qatar Bima has a broad range of benefits at an economical price.  The benefits can be summarised as follows.

  • 24 hour Emergency Road Service   
        • Battery boosting
        • Change of a flat or bad tyre
        • Towing (cover includes UAE, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon)
        • Delivery of gasoline to your vehicle
        • Minor mechanical adjustments, if possible
  • 24 hour Accident Emergency Service including recovery and towing
  • Additional Services                                                                            
        • Assistance with lockout for keys forgotten inside the vehicle
        • Assistance with car registration renewal and inspection
        • Discount on car repair from approved mechanical workshop
        • Discount on car rental