Qatar Bima International LLC offers Risk Management, Insurance and Reinsurance Broking and Claim Loss Assessing. We operate to the highest international standards.

For the complexities of insurance we can offer you a first class service in managing your insurance risks:

  • Analyse your requirements and supply you with a full (Risk Management) report.
  • Give highly specialised advice which otherwise would be too costly.
  • Evaluate and recommend cover based on risk exposure versus cost.
  • Obtain competitive quotations, terms and conditions.
  • Produce a projected insurance budget for your costing requirements.
  • Undertake quarterly and make mid-term adjustments where necessary.
  • Convert unknown financial exposure into a known cost for budget purposes.
  • Offer a wide selection of insurers ensuring their security is adequate.
  • Arrange on your behalf specialised associated services such as technical surveys and forensic reports.

We act in a traditional manner by providing our clients with the highest technical advice at the most competitive terms. We will

  • Analyse the terms, conditions and premium levels of your existing insurance contracts.
  • Seek competitive quotations from insurers with approved security.
  • Report our unbiased recommendations.
  • Arrange pre-risk surveys at underwriters costs.
  • Handle all classes of business (See Products Stream)

Our reinsurance service covers

  • Direct Clients. Assess the risk and support local insurers where applicable.
  • Local Insurance companies. Support with reinsurance capacities through our connections.
  • Placing reinsurance for Gulf and Middle East insurers through our preferential access to capacities.

The advantage to insurers in Qatar and the Middle East are

  • Local reinsurance underwriting and speed of acceptance.
  • Higher commissions.
  • First class security.
  • Access to additional capacity on the international market.
  • Prompt claims settlement due primarily to the reduced chain of placement and the security utilised.
  • Ability to write business throughout the GCC.

This service is an integral part of our Insurance and Reinsurance Service and available to clients. Features are:

  • Collection of loss information and submission to insurers.
  • Negotiating on your behalf with insurers and/ or Loss Adjusters.
  • Arranging final settlement

If there is a dispute we will

  • Represent you with the insurer and/ or Loss Adjuster.
  • Arrange expert/ forensic advice if required.
  • Negotiate an ex-gratia settlement where appropriate.